This new AvidThink report explains why dynamic network functions (NF) placement is essential to the success of 5G and explores the three-phase evolution towards autonomous NF placement.

Optimization of network resource allocation and NF placement in a dynamically changing environment – like a mobile network – is a major challenge. Yet to implement a 5G network successfully, NF placement has a significant role to play. And in the 5G era, the need to guarantee QoS based on network slicing makes optimizing NF placement more important than ever.

Dynamic NF placement optimization is a complex mission. It requires CSPs to provide guarantees around QoS measures across the different network slices, while managing multiple end-to-end slices across diverse infrastructures. Together, this represents a significant step-up for existing orchestration systems.

Download the report to discover recommendations for next-gen NF placement strategies, including the three-phase approach on your journey towards autonomous NF placement.

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