eSIM is a critical digital transformation journey for Mobile Network Operators, but they can't do it alone.

What’s happening with eSIM is a technology shift. And it changes the relationship between device, network and subscriber, i.e. the fundamentals of what a mobile operators does.

It will be the fastest moving and most agile MNOs that are best placed to benefit from eSIM. The MNO can’t do this alone. The need to make extensive changes, at rapid speed, across many elements of the organisation, makes it essential that the MNO find partners to streamline the process of integrating eSIM into almost every facet of what the MNO does.

Ultimately, the industry wants all the benefits of the SIM card, with none of the drawbacks. The SIM card was simple. MNOs must iron out as many of the wrinkles as possible from the end-to-end eSIM experience, which includes billing, provisioning, customer care, retail and much more.

Dario Talmesio

Dario Talmesio
Research Director – Service Provider Strategy

Menachem Konorty
Head of OSS and Open Network Solutions, EMEA & APAC

Ron Porter
Product Marketing Lead Monetization Solutions

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