are you missing out on the MFS opportunity?

60% of the global market has yet to begin using mobile financial services (MFS)

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Are You Missing Out on the MFS Opportunity?

Whitepaper: Inside the World of MFS: What Consumers Want

Amdocs teamed up with Ovum to survey 8,500 consumers globally, across 17 mature and emerging markets.

This survey unraveled the current state of mobile financial services adoption as well as revealed expectations for future usage of new applications that will drive MFS sales.

We also examined a wide range of underlying consumer dynamics, such as attitudes towards savings and confidence levels in mobile payments. The findings and analysis presented in this report are challenging, surprising, and optimistic for the future of MFS.

  • Understand in depth what barriers exist in the global adoption of MFS
  • Examine the buyer psyche - What are some of the key perception gaps regarding MFS? What is holding users back from using MFS? What will drive them to use it more?
  • Explore the unique characteristics of local MFS markets and how best to market you services to them
  • Gain insight into how to focus on the right messages when driving your MFS business