Forget the Wires, Connect the Wallets: The New World of International Remittance

More than 80% of the global market wants to use their mobile phone to send money internationally. So why aren't they?

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Whitepaper: Mobile Financial Services Consumer Study

International Remittance

Amdocs teamed up with Juniper Research to create this survey, unravelling the current state of mobile money transfer use amongst the migrant communities all over the world and what will drive its future growth and uptake.

This whitepaper incorporates the results of a global survey of 3,000 consumers across 7 mature and emerging markets.

The findings and analysis presented here are surprising and support huge potential for service providers entering the space as an alternative money transfer service.

  • Understand the needs and wants for individuals who are sending and receiving money globally.
  • Examine the buyer psyche - what are some of the key perception gaps regarding mobile money transfer? What will drive consumers to use it more?
  • Explore the unique characteristics of local international remittance corridors and how to market your services to them.
  • Learn how to hone in on the right messages when either building or progressing your mobile money transfer business.