Economic Inclusion: MFS as a Precursor and Overarching Solution

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Economic Inclusion: MFS as a Precursor and Overarching Solution
Amdocs teamed up with Mondato to explore how this phenomenon of evolving economic inclusion is transforming emerging markets.

Two billion people globally do not have access to basic financial services, which leaves them deprived of access to participate in economic activity. Many of these individuals are SME micro entrepreneurs who are striving to enhance their lives as well as grow their businesses.

Access to financial services is particularly important for SMEs, which compose more than 90% of many emerging market economies. In order to help them overcome income inequality, these micro entrepreneurs need an inclusive financial system.

Mobile money is increasingly being perceived as the key solution for those who lack robust and accessible financial services. How can payment providers capitalize on this growing need and trend across markets?

The findings and analysis presented in this whitepaper will allow you to:

  • Understand in depth what barriers exist in evolving the market from financial inclusion to economic inclusion
  • Investigate the unique characteristics of local MFS markets in order to best market your services to them
  • Gain insight into the most effective messages surrounding economic inclusion that will drive your MFS business